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Figurative sculpture in cast iron

  From interior to exterior
  Vandal-resistant Cast Iron
  Welcoming boundaries
  Entrance & enclosure
  Detailing for fabrication
  Security & buildings
  Stairwell banisters
  Fret-work & sheet materials
  Plastics for canopies
  Resin castings
  3D boundaries: bollards
  Figurative sculptures: iron
  Group sculptures
  Figurative sculptures: others
  Geometric sculptures
  Sculptures with light
  Latest light sculpture
  New projects
  Working with communities
  Project management
  About the artist
© Marcela Livingston
(Top left clockwise): Revolutions, Goddess of Bikes; Brutus,the Watchman; Zena the Rock Climber;
Sliphands Suzy, Freddy the Fiery Fork-Maker; Yaiza, Carer of the Wild;
Two-Dinners Ignatius; Stan the Stable Boy; Morris the Miner and Crow-girl
Collaboration with Poet Mathew Black, Groundwork Dearne Valley, Kimberworth, Sheffield